Mind your own business
but if you have to suffer
show your belt (teeth n.d.r.)
don’t suffer!

The word Curreia in Neapolitan indicates the belt, usually made of leather, which supports the trousers.

Emanuele Riccardi, as suggested the image proposed by Pino Daniele in the song Yes I Know my way, invites us to

to be discreet, respectable, without forgetting to show who we really are to be different from the crowd.

Founder of A’Curreia in Naples, with thirty years of experience in the leather goods sector and in his heart the most beautiful feelings of a Neapolitan, who deeply loves his land and believes in its most important values, he has created in heart of the historical center of Naples an activity capable of giving each customer the opportunity to better express their personality, their style.

And he did it through the tireless search for selected and rigorously Italian leathers, the attention to every detail, the choice of a vast assortment of belts and leather items that offers at same time classic and fashion models. And he has done it also through professionalism, empathy and the intuition of a true Personal Branding!


Refined Design

Unique and unforgettable accessories

Best raw material

First quality leathers, handcrafted

Timeless style

Products always one step ahead



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